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We focus on developing emission reduction projects that combat climate change, crafting carbon offsets and advancing renewable energy solutions.

Discover Our Purpose:

At Solaxy, we believe in the power of collective action to combat climate change. By empowering individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprints effortlessly, we contribute to a greener world today and for future generations. Our actionable sustainability solutions and flexible offset packages support verified local and global initiatives, aligning with your goals to restore the planet’s carbon balance.

Our Mission:

Accelerating the Transition to a Climate-Smart Society

Solaxy is committed to accelerating the transition to a climate-smart society. Our global team of social entrepreneurs develops innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of organizations and sectors. We stay ahead of the curve in understanding and navigating the evolving climate policy landscape, ensuring our clients benefit from informed, impactful actions that foster environmental stewardship and community prosperity.

Our Vision:

Leading Climate Action for a Sustainable Future

Solaxy envisions a world where climate action is accessible to all. By aligning with the goals of the Paris climate agreement, we catalyze a fundamental shift in the global economy. Through strategic investment and nimble adaptation to emerging opportunities, we unlock substantial investments that drive meaningful environmental impact.

Corporate Governance

At Solaxy Group Corp., we are committed to maintaining high standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency in all our business operations. Our corporate governance framework is designed to foster a culture of ethical conduct and decision-making that aligns with our core values and business objectives.

Governance Documents

Access our Corporate Governance documents through the following links.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Whistleblower Policy

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