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The future of energy is green. And net-zero carbon is the way that we get there. Solaxy Carbon Exchange, our carbon credit trading platform, is designed uniquely to allow you to take part in that change.

By Abbas Mashaollah,  Oct24, 2021, 4:25pm

Carbon Credit Trading Platform

Our climate crisis is reaching a fever pitch and beckoning real, meaningful action.  The Solaxy Group is a change maker invested in
developing net-zero carbon projects and building a high-quality portfolio around those projects that makes it easy to invest
your money in net-zero carbon.

The future of energy is green. And net-zero carbon is the way that we get there. Net-zero means that there is an equal exchange
of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere so that there is zero negative effect on the environment.

At the Solaxy Group, we are building a better future together with strategic corporate leadership that provides demonstrated
success with environmentally conscious, efficient growth. And that future begins by investing in innovation to move us forward,
towards our goals for a total net-zero transition by 2050.

But the real bread and butter of our offerings is a proprietary carbon exchange that facilitates simple, accessible, and
transparent carbon trading. Our platform is based on pioneering carbon-capturing projects and forging a path towards
industry leadership by 2030.

If you’re intrigued, let’s talk more about the work we are investing in.

The Net-Zero Transition

A change is happening, and Solaxy Group is positioning itself at the forefront of the transition. We know that the transition to
net-zero carbon will create more jobs than will be lost as fossil fuels die out. But we also know that this growth needs to occur
strategically in order to address the need for reskilling and upskilling workers to fill the nearly 14 million jobs that will be created
in clean energy by 2030.

Our projects will provide electricity to millions of impoverished people around the world. We will work in tandem to encourage
the growth of renewable energy sources while simultaneously lessening our dependence on fossil fuels. Innovation is
important, and there is a lot of growth that needs to occur over the next few decades to reach our 2050 goals.

When you invest in net-zero carbon using our exchange, your money will go to support the innovation that will bring us closer to
replacing fossil fuel energy with the clean, green, renewable energy sources of the future.

Our Approach

Diversification is important to building a strong portfolio, and with Solaxy Group, we are making intentional efforts to cultivate the
right partnerships. Forty percent of our resources are invested in acquiring and investing in net-zero carbon projects. An
additional forty percent of our resources are invested in creating an integrated exchange that will reach around the globe
and provide 24/7/365 access to net-zero carbon trading. And last, but not least, twenty percent of our resources will be
invested in cultivating carbon partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders to create real change, closing the gap
between fossil fuels and clean energy.Carbon Credit Exchange partners

There are two carbon markets growing side-by-side. Voluntary markets are created by corporations, governments, and individuals
who choose to align with environmentally conscious business decisions that include renewable energy sources. A second market
is created by compliance with various regulatory acts. This includes caps on emissions that are common in aviation,
transportation, and industrial sectors. Both sides of the fence represent significant market shares, and Solaxy Group will be invested in nurturing investments in both markets.

What Sets the Solaxy Exchange Apart

We simplify the process of buying and selling carbon offsets. One carbon credit trading platform that provides everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Including a secure, transparent trading process.

● Operates globally 24/7/365 via any internet-connected device.
● Guaranteed delivery of credits and proceeds.
● Continuous contracts cut out paperwork.
● Access to buy or sell across all methodologies.
● Zero counterparty risk for buyers and sellers.
● Wholesale trading prices and transparent commission rate.
● Settlement system and clearinghouse.

At Solaxy Group we are deeply invested in the future of energy and we believe that the future is in net-zero carbon. We are investing
in innovation to grow the industry and provide well-rounded support that will help the net-zero carbon initiative achieve
two-thirds of the energy market share by 2050. And our Carbon Credit Trading Platform, Solaxy Carbon Exchange is uniquely designed to allow you to be a part of that change.

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