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At Solaxy Group, we uphold transparency and collaboration as fundamental pillars of our operation. We understand that open communication is not just valuable but crucial in fostering enduring relationships with our stakeholders.

This page serves as a dedicated space for you to engage with our ongoing projects and initiatives. Your insights, suggestions, and feedback are not only welcomed but highly valued. By sharing your thoughts here, you play a vital role in shaping our collective journey towards achieving our shared goals and objectives.

Thank you for your active interest in our stakeholder meetings. Your continued support is instrumental in driving our efforts forward.


Kenya cookstove project
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(Uploaded Feb 05, 2023)​

The Solaxy Clean Cookstove Initiative in Kenya is committed to distributing 200,000 improved stoves over the next two years, focusing on households in low-income categories.

This initiative aims to achieve several critical goals: reducing carbon emissions, enhancing health outcomes, and preserving forests. Solaxy Group Corp will collaborate closely with local sector representatives to select and sensitize beneficiaries, offering comprehensive training on the usage and advantages of these improved stoves.

Prior to distribution, the initiative will conduct informative sessions in every community cell to raise awareness about the benefits of clean cookstoves. These stoves will be provided to households at no cost.

The success of this project hinges on collaboration and active participation from all stakeholders. Solaxy Group Corp warmly invites you to engage in the Stakeholder Consultation Meeting, where your insights, suggestions, and feedback will be invaluable in shaping the initiative’s implementation and impact.

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