What We Do

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Our vision for a brighter future

Solaxy Group Provides cost-effective and comprehensive global solutions to climate change.

climate Solutions

capital investment

We are a lead developer in net-zero carbon projects, specifically investing in projects that generate capital in the form of carbon credits and green energy. 


Action plan

Through our partnership program, we provide the necessary experience to develop a high quality and diversified portfolio of investments that will accelerate the creation of carbon offset projects.

Our Global Solutions to Climate Change

To be a leader in the renewable utility sector through direct investment and development of projects that create a return on investment.


1.  Create value for our utility investors and our customers for years to come.

2. Design voluntary programs, including green power, community solar, green tariff, geothermal and wind power.


Through our partnerships, we invest in carbon assets.  Currently more and more companies are embarking on a net-zero carbon path, causing the demand for carbon assets – particularly carbon removal credits to skyrocket.  At Solaxy Group, we are the trusted partner that companies go to achieve net-zero.

1.  We have the technical experience in all major carbon standards and project types.

2.  Sound governance based on globally accepted standards

We provide private capital investment and advisory services to companies that are actively participating in the green economy and support projects in underserved regions.

1.  Carbon Investments:  Invest capital that generates returns for investors in the form of carbon credits generated by our projects.

2. Climate Venture Vehicles:  Pools of capital that invest ‘patient’ or soft capital in ventures to create lasting impact.

Electronic exchange that will serve as a centralized marketplace for trading eligible emission units (carbon credits).

1.  Secure storage of credit assets that are secured offline.

2. Protected by insurance on all USD cash balance.

3. Industry best practices that support a variety of the most popular carbon assets from around the world.

Invest and develop net-zero projects through partnership with clients across the private and public sector.

We serve as a platform for our partners to collectively finance environmental plastic waste collection and recycling infrastructure.


1.  Solaxy Group provide upfront financing for plastic waste reduction projects in regions where access to financing is hard to come by.

2. The fund allows for the development of a customized portfolio of projects based on preferences for geographical and project type

3. Projects brings value to our investors in a form of plastic carbon credit.

Our Services

Project Development

  • Site Assessment
  • Project Planning and Strategic Selection
  • Yield Analysis
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Testing
  • Project Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Revenue Forecasting


  • Permitting
  • Regulatory Coordination


  • Site Analysis and Acquisition
  • Leases and Easements

External affairs

  • Community Outreach and Relations
  • Legislative Affairs

Owner's Representative

  • Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)
  • Contractor Selection
  • Construction
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Construction Project Management

Value-Added Technologies

  • Project Performance Improvement
  • Predictive Control Software using Artificial Intelligence
  • Long-duration Storage