Legacy Forest Reforestation

Planting Trees to Combat Climate Change and Preserve Natural Habitats Across the United States.

Oregon’s Legacy Forest: Pioneering Carbon Offset Through Biodiverse Reforestation”

The first phase of reforestation begins in Oregon’s serene hills, a region celebrated for its diverse temperate forests that are vital for climate regulation and biodiversity conservation. This urgent initiative aims to protect Oregon’s forests and substantially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.


Innovative Solutions

Future Forest

Revitalizing Rivers and Waterways

Enhancing water quality, stabilizing riverbanks, and preventing erosion through forest protection, supporting healthier aquatic ecosystems and sustainable water sources.

National Legacy Forest

Reclaiming Carbon Sinks

Transforming land use to restore healthy carbon sinks through sustainable timber production, reducing ecosystem pressure, and preserving habitats as national forests for future generations.

Legacy Forest seedling

Conserving Wildlife Corridors

Promoting conservation of wildlife corridors to protect diverse habitats, alleviate ecosystem stress, and maintain biodiversity by shifting away from timber depletion and agricultural clearing.

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