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Kenya cookstove project

Kenya Clean Energy

Promoting healthier households and climate resilience with sustainable solutions that mitigate environmental impact and improve living conditions.

Legacy forest project

Legacy Forest Project

Restoring biodiversity and enhancing river systems through reforestation of abandoned lands

Kenya clean water initiative

Empowering Water Access

Facilitating access to clean, sustainable water sources to support communities and ecosystems with dependable water resources.

Orphaned Oil Wells

Capping Abandoned and Orphaned Oil Wells in California

Addressing environmental hazards by sealing abandoned oil wells to protect ecosystems and ensure public safety.

solaxy solar project

California Solar Facility: Renewable Energy for a Greener Future

Developing a state-of-the-art solar facility in California to provide clean, renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions

biochar b.c

Innovative Biochar Projects in British Columbia

Implementing biochar technology in British Columbia to enhance soil health, sequester carbon, and promote sustainable agriculture.

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