Elevating Our Impact

Our mission is to expedite the shift towards a climate-resilient society. We envision a prosperous future achievable through collective action today.


Today’s actions shape tomorrow’s outcomes

At Solaxy, we’re dedicated to propelling society toward a climate-smart future. We’re driven by the belief that a prosperous tomorrow hinges on collective action today.

Since our inception in 2021, we’ve empowered organizations of all sizes to engage in impactful climate initiatives. Our commitment to meaningful climate action permeates every aspect of our work.

To explore how we’ve made a difference alongside our partners and clients, visit our projects page.


Empowering Carbon Reduction and Climate Finance

We empower our clients to calculate and reduce their carbon emissions while financing impactful climate projects. We ensure transparency and credibility by providing access to project IDs and verified reports, including alignment with Sustainable Development Goals.

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Supporting Certified Climate Projects Worldwide

Solaxy Group enables financial contributions to climate projects adhering to recognized standards like the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. These projects, spanning diverse global regions, employ advanced carbon reduction technologies and contribute to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, benefiting local communities.


Immediate and Tangible Carbon Offsets

Our mission at Solaxy Group is to combat climate change by maximizing carbon emission reduction through education, online tools, and the provision of renewable energy. We offer carbon offsets sourced exclusively from projects actively reducing CO2e emissions today, ensuring immediate impact and meaningful contributions to global carbon reduction efforts

Our Services

Explore a wide range of services tailored to your needs.


Carbon Advisory

Expertise in carbon accounting, strategy development, and credit sourcing ensures your targets are science-based and achievable with our carbon advisory services.


Project Development

Streamline carbon reduction from project identification through commercialization, ensuring compliance and maximizing environmental impact


Carbon Marketplace

Access our carbon marketplace for investing and trading, including registries, custody, B2B and OTC transactions, and clearing services, empowering climate action with every transaction.

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